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Collection Results for Mission Speaker


The Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matará ( or, a missionary Institute of religious sisters, spoke at our Masses this month.  We are pleased to report that our collection for their mission raised almost $9,000 to support their work.  Thanks to those who donated.

About the Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matará

"From our beginnings in San Rafael, Argentina in 1988 we have grown to over 1200 sisters ministering in almost 40 different countries throughout the world. We strive to go where the presence of religious sisters is most needed. Although we are an international community, we have been blessed with many vocations from the United States a bit over 100 at present. This appeal allows us to inform the members of your parish about our mission work in the Philippines. As you may imagine, our missions in places like the Philippines are in great need of support. The sisters work with children and poor families in human and religious development, specifically providing medical care, educating in hygiene, managing a large feeding program, and teaching catechism to children and adults. As you may know, the Philippines is presently not economically stable. For this reason missionaries do not receive much help from the local people who very often themselves lack even basic necessities."


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