Our parish thrives because of volunteers like you! Check out our Ministries, Faith Formation, Youth Ministry, and Parish Committees pages to learn more about the opportunities and programs we offer, then drop us a line if you'd like to pitch in!


Any new volunteer who works with children, teens, or vulnerable adults needs to have the Archdiocese-required "Essential Three" on file before volunteering:

  • First: Complete a criminal background check.
    • Most paperwork is completed and signed online.
    • For first-time background checks only, Form 123B must be printed, signed, and turned in to the parish office.
    • For parish volunteers, the cost of the background check is covered by the parish.
  • Second: Watch the online code of conduct video, complete the online mandatory reporting training, and electronically sign and date the online code of conduct for adult volunteers.
  • Third, attend a three-hour, in-person VIRTUS training session (anywhere in the archdiocese; we host VIRTUS training a few times a year).

Step-by-step instructions for new volunteers to complete the "Essential Three" are to the right. Please contact Greg Gacioch with any questions or concerns at greggstalbert@gmail.com or 612-501-7035.


Past volunteers who have already completed the "Essential Three" are now required to renew these items every three years. VIRTUS recertification involves watching an online video (20-30 minutes) and taking a simple quiz. It does not require retaking the three-hour, in-person course. You can complete your background recheck paperwork online as well. You will be asked to watch a new code of conduct video and complete a mandatory reporter training presentation in addition to signing the new code of conduct online. Anyone who was VIRTUS trained before June 30, 2014, must be recertified by March 31, 2017, to continue volunteering!

To renew your "Essential Three" requirements as a current or past volunteer, follow the instructions below. More complete, step-by-step renewal instructions are available here to view or print.

  • Go to https://www.virtusonline.org/ and log in with your original User ID and password. If you do not remember your User ID or cannot retrieve your password, contact Greg Gacioch at greggstalbert@gmail.com or 612-501-7035 -- he can help you retrieve or reset your account information.
  • Once you are logged in, click the Toolbox tab.
  • You should see several links highlighted in yellow. Click each link and complete each item.
  • Please take this opportunity to update your account information. If you completed your VIRTUS training as a volunteer for another parish, please change your Primary Location to "St. Michael (St. Michael)."

Thank you for your interest in volunteering -- it is in serving others that we can best lead them to Jesus Christ.