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Catholics express despair, disbelief, anger at new abuse revelations

After the first allegations of abuse against Archbishop Theodore McCarrick were publicized in mid-June, employees at the U.S. bishops' conference headquarters in Washington were bracing for calls from Catholics confused, outraged or anything in between regarding the emerging scandal.

Cardinal DiNardo announces plan to address ‘moral catastrophe’ of abuse

The president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Aug. 16 announced three key goals and a comprehensive plan to address the "moral catastrophe" of the new abuse scandal hitting the U.S. church.

Blessed Is She retreat speakers: Go wild

Speakers encouraged attendees to pray and reflect on where God is asking them to be “wild” — to throw off constraints in order to better love God and follow his will. 

Little Sisters rely on divine providence to serve elderly poor

The sisters came to the archdiocese with little money but a desire to imitate St. Jeanne Jugan who began the ministry in Saint-Servan, France, by offering her own bed to a blind, paralyzed widow.

Wuerl: In Pittsburgh, he ‘established strong policies’ on abuse claims

Washington Cardinal Donald Wuerl said Aug. 14 that during his tenure as bishop of Pittsburgh from 1988 to 2006, he "established strong policies that addressed the needs of abuse survivors, removed priests from ministry and protected the most vulnerable in the community."

Schools look ahead with innovation but also focus on tradition

If anyone could rest on their laurels, it's Catholic schools for all they have accomplished in their U.S. history, educating in the faith and teaching children of all backgrounds in cities and rural areas across the country.

Catholic schools get creative in how they use, fund technology

When Rosali Patterson picks up the blue, plastic prosthetic hand that she and some fellow students made at St. John Fisher Catholic School in Portland, the rising eighth-grader marvels at what this object will mean for some underprivileged child one day.

Preserving Catholic school’s charism ‘has to be intentional’

Although women religious — once synonymous with Catholic education — have been disappearing from U.S. classrooms in recent decades, many Catholic schools are taking extra steps to make sure that even as these sisters age or their numbers decrease, the charisms that infused the schools they founded will not be lost.

Social justice is built into the Catholic school curriculum

At many Catholic schools, social justice might not be an assigned class, but it is part of the fabric of what they do throughout the school year from helping those in need to speaking up on social issues.

Pennsylvania grand jury says Church was interested in hiding abuse

A Pennsylvania grand jury report issued Aug. 14 paints a picture of a Catholic Church in six of the state's dioceses that for decades handled claims of sex abuse of minors under its care by hiding the allegations and its victims.