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Catholic Spirit wins 12 Catholic Press Awards

The Catholic Spirit received 12 awards, including an honorable mention for Newspaper of the Year, from the Catholic Press Association June 15 at the Catholic Media Convention.

Digital Edition – June 21, 2018

14th Annual Northeast Eucharistic Procession, National Catholic Singles, Catholic Charities boost child protection, Synod of Bishops on young people, Remembering RFK, Life and death at 101, Religious Freedom Week, Separation, detention of migrant children

Vatican volume tracks church statistics

Pope Francis called for a special Synod of Bishops to focus on the Amazon region not primarily because of the rainforest's key role in the ecological health of the planet, but mostly because he sees pastoral needs there that require special attention.

Three authors explore varied facets of aging, but one disappoints

- Vesper Time - Aging Starts in Your Mind - Ageless Soul

Fred Rogers’ ministry was on TV to kids, says documentarian

Fred Rogers was ordained for the Presbyterian Church, but instead of a clerical collar, he ministered wearing a red cardigan sweater.

Religious liberty and constructive freedom

Almost 40 years ago, in June 1979, Pope John Paul II traveled to his homeland of Poland, and within nine days ignited a human rights revolution that continues to shape the Church and the world today.

Mexican bishops announce security protocols for priests, religious

Mexico's bishops have published security protocols, hoping to keep priests and religious safe -- along with church property and shrines -- as crime and violence increasingly impacts churchmen and consumes previously peaceful corners of the country.

Forgiveness turns evil into good, pope tells Catholics in Geneva

At the end of a day dedicated to celebrating 70 years of an ecumenical fellowship forged by the World Council of Churches, Pope Francis turned to the region's Catholics, reminding them of what lies at the heart of the faith.

Sweat and blood in the spiritual life

As a culture, we are fascinated by sports. Hundreds of millions of people tune in to watch the Super Bowl, World Cup, Olympics and other sporting events. Even among those who aren’t athletically inclined, names like LeBron James, Tom Brady and Usain Bolt are as much pop culture icons as they are athletes, and the allure of watching them compete is undeniable.

More than a few good men

If a good man is hard to find, maybe you’re not looking in the right places.