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ML Sports

Seventh- and eighth-grade students at St. Michael Catholic School are eligible to participate in sports through St. Michael-Albertville (STMA) Schools. For more information about STMA sports, go to the STMA activities webpage  and select Middle School East or Middle School West on the upper right corner. You may also contact STMA Middle School Activities Directors:

Middle School West-Ryan Antony                   Middle School East-David Holler

763-497-4524 EXT 94124                                   763-497-2655 EXT 93003

Email: [email protected]                            Email: [email protected]

 * 6th Graders can participate in some Community Education Programs such as weightlifting and ski club. Please check out the Comm. Ed website for more information. 


Register for Sports

For those who have at least one child in the public school system:

  1. Go to your Schoolview account, select "Fee Pay", then select "Activities."
  2. In the upper right hand corner of the screen you will be asked to select one of your children.  If you select your middle school student, you will get a message that the student is not enrolled, and your attempt to register becomes a dead-end. If, however, you choose one of your children that is enrolled in the public school, you should come to a screen that lists all of your children and what they are eligible to register for. You can register any of your children from that page.
  3. Remember that there are several pages of activities, so if you don't see the activity you want on page one, scroll through the other pages until you find the middle school activity you are looking for.
  4. Also, note that you need to have a valid sports physical on file with the appropriate activities director at the correct school, before the system will let you register.  

For those that do not have a child in the public school system:

  1. Go to and click on activities. You should come to a page that asks you to create a FeePay account.  Go ahead and create a new FeePay account.
  2. As you fill out the information asked for, you will eventually be able to add your children as family members. You will need to obtain your son or daughter's District identification number. To get that number, please call Katie Christensen at 763-497-6500 ext. 94357.  Katie is one of our tech support people and has access to your student's ID numbers.
  3. Once you have created your account and added your children as family members, you should be able to register.
  4. Remember that there are several pages of activities, so if you don't see the activity you want on page one, scroll through the other pages until you find the middle school activity you are looking for.
  5. Also, note that you need to have a valid sports physical on file with the activities director, before the system will let you register. 

Additional Fall Sports information can be found after the Sports Supervision & Transportation section on this page or on the STMA middle level websites. 


Sports Supervision & Transportation

 Since the beginning of our 5-8 middle level program, we have proudly provided free after school supervision and transportation for students participating in activities through STMA schools.  We are committed to continuing this tradition and valuable service for our families.  PLEASE NOTE that in order to use this service you must be pre-registered. 

The deadline has passed to sign up for Fall Sports Supervision and Transportation. If you would like to sign up for Supervision and Transportation for the 2019-20 Fall season please contact the School Programs Director at [email protected]

* Watch for Winter Season Due Dates here.

After several variations of what the supervised time has looked like in the past, and upon receiving feedback from families, we are creating a space that will be dedicated to homework.  Students utilizing this service will follow the schedule outline below:

1:55 – 2:10    Check In/Snack

2:10 – 2:47     Supervised Mandatory Study Hall / Change clothes for practice

2:47 – 2:50     Pack Up / Dismissed to Buses

As indicated in the schedule, the supervised time is designed as a structured study hall, not a free choice time. If students do not have homework, they may draw or read quietly during this time. With the exception of computers for those completing homework online, no electronics will be allowed. Staff supervising are not responsible for checking homework, making sure homework is complete, or working one on one with students. Staff will do their best to help answer homework questions students may have. Students will not be scheduled to go outside or to the gym during this brief time.

Important Details:

Students are normally picked up about 2:50 from StMCS and arrive no later than 3:00 at each middle school. The busses that pick up our students are making a stop between their elementary school and secondary routes so this does not allow busses to come early for games. This means that, depending on game schedules, we may not always be able to transport your athlete to the middle school before a team bus leaves. On these days, students will need to arrange a ride instead of taking the activity bus. In the past, when students have needed to be to the middle school earlier than 3:00 pm, many families from StMCS have worked out car-pooling amongst themselves. The best way to know when the bus leaves is to check-in with your child or a coach as StMCS does not have that information at hand.

You can also set up reminders for events and notifications of schedule changes. To do this go to and under activities select High School. Scroll down the page and select “Weekly Activity Schedule”. At the very top of this page you will find Notify Me!, click on this and you will be able to select the activities for which you would like notices. You may receive notices by e-mail, text or both. This is a great way to know when an event is canceled due to weather.

Finally, it can be difficult with weather and sports. From past experience, we have found that we usually receive word if a practice and/or game is cancelled very close to the end of our day. Please make a plan with your child for what to do if their game or practice is cancelled (take bus home, call for a ride, walk, etc.).

Behavior Expectations:

Supervision and transportation is a privilege; students are not required to stay after school. Behavior expectations from 1:55-until the start of practice at their assigned location are the same as during the school day.  If a student does not follow our rules of being safe, welcoming, and respectful, or the rules of the partner school, they are subject to the following consequences:

First Offense:      Email to parent/guardian

Second Offense: Phone call to parent/guardian and loss of supervision/transportation for the following practice/game day

Third Offense:     Suspended from supervision/transportation for 2 weeks or until the end of the season, whichever is longer.  Two week suspension would carry over into the next activity, if applicable.  (The student would be welcome to sign up for transportation/supervision the following season, but a parent meeting with the School Programs Director would be required before the start of that season.)

 At anytime, if warranted, StMCS staff may partner with STMA in resolving discipline matters.

To sign up for this service, our supervision/transportation request form can be found online at:

Other Reminders

  • Complete the online supervision/transportation form every time you register for an activity.  The form is only valid for one activity.
  • Parents (or students) must contact the School Programs Director at least 1 day in advance if a practice/game has been changed to a day your child is not normally scheduled to use the service.  (The reason for this is that staff is scheduled based on the daily number of participants. Therefore, if a student stays without advance notice on a day they were not scheduled, they will need to call a parent/guardian to be picked up.)
  • If your child leaves during the school day and does not return to school before the end of the school day or they don't sign in at check in time with Sports Supervisors by 2:00 they will not be able to participate in the Supervision and Transportation bus that day. Parents are able drop their child off at the designated middle schools for practice at 3:00 as long they have followed the sports participation policy regarding the amount of time they needed to be at school for the day. 
  • We do our best to notify students/families as soon as practices or games are cancelled. Please check the STMA activities website as this is the first place the activities directors post information when changes happen. Please do not call the STMA offices, StMCS or the parish.
  • Eligibility to play sports for StMCS students is the same as STMA policies. You can find our policy in your child’s planner.

For Additional Fall Sports Information please visit the middle schools activity pages.