St. Michael Catholic Church

Grade 5/6 Math: Mrs. Aschenbeck


Mrs. Rebecca Aschenbeck

Grade 5/6 Math, Grade 8 Religion



I have a passion for Catholic Education.  After attending Catholic school grades K-12 in New Ulm, MN, I graduated from Cathedral High School in 2000.  I continued my Catholic education at the College of Saint Benedict and graduated with a major in elementary education in 2004.  I also married my husband, a Johnnie, in 2004.  We have been blessed with three amazing children.

Following a desire to learn more about the beauty of Catholicism, I graduated from a 2-year program called The Archbishop Harry J. Flynn Catechetical Institute in 2018.   This experience filled my soul and left me excited for future opportunities to grow in my faith and share it with others. 

One of the ways I am blessed to share my faith is teaching in a Catholic School.   I have been teaching at St. Michael Catholic School since 2006 and find great joy in being a member of St. Michael Catholic Church and a part of this community.  One of the reasons I love working at St. Michael Catholic School is because we are a family.  I am grateful for the blessing of sharing our amazing faith everyday with my students.


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