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Baptism is the sacrament that marks the beginning of the entire Christian life, and is the first of the sacraments of initiation.  In Baptism we are freed from sin and become sons and daughters of God.  In the sacrament we receive the very life of God, become part of the Body of Christ, become members of the Church, and are called to share in its mission. From the Compendium to the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

IMPORTANT: ALL documents/requirements must be completed in order to reserve a Baptism date at St. Michael Catholic Church. We request that parents collect all documents and bring them personally to the Parish Office when ready to discuss Baptism dates and make reservations.

Member Requirements for Parents:

  • Be a registered member of St. Michael Catholic Church.
  • The norm for parents presenting children for baptism is that they consent the child to be baptized in the faith.

Parent Baptism Class:

  • It is strongly encouraged that parents requesting Baptism for their child to both attend a Baptism Preparation Class prior to scheduling and celebrating the baptism of each child.  
  • This class is required if this is your first child baptized in our parish or if your last class attended in our parish was longer than 3 years ago.  The class is normally scheduled the second Thursday of each month at 7 PM in the gathering space at the church.  The class lasts 60-90 minutes.  Please call the parish office to register for this class in advance and to schedule your baptism. 
  • It is preferred that parents attend this class prior to the birth of their child.

Birth Certificate:

  • A copy of a state issued birth certificate (issued through a county) for children must be in the parish office prior to scheduling the baptism. It can take up to 3 months after the child is born to receive the birth certificate.
  • It is important that the parish be able to properly identify and verify the child’s birth information (i.e. parent’s names, legal name of child, etc.) when preparing the Baptism Certificate


  • It is acceptable to choose only one Godparent for your child; however, that one person must be an active, practicing Catholic. This sponsor must meet the following criteria:
    • Be at least 16 years of age
    • Be a fully initiated Catholic (one who has received the sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation)
    • Leading a life of faith and in good standing with the Catholic Church
  • If you desire to have two Godparents, then Canon Law (Church Law) requires that there be one male and one female.
    If both Godparents are Catholic, they must comply with the requirements listed above.
  • Your Catholic Godparent (or Godparents, if both are Catholic), must either be registered members here at St. Michael OR
  • Provide a letter of good standing from the parish where they are members.
  • Godparents are often from out-of-town. If they are unable to be present on the day of the Baptism, they can be represented by proxy. A proxy can be a family member, a friend or a parishioner who will stand in for your official Godparent on the day of the baptism.

Baptism Schedule (beginning December 1, 2020):

  • 1st Saturday evening during 5pm Mass/Sunday during 9am or 6pm Mass
  • 2nd Sunday after the 11:00am Mass
  • 3rd Saturday after the 5:00pm Mass
  • 4th Sunday after 11:00am
  • 5th Sunday – No baptisms
    (Please schedule in advance with the parish office)


  • A $25 donation to help cover costs of supplies is appreciated. Please make checks payable to the St Michael Catholic Church. 


  • Please contact the parish office at 763-497-2745, ext 210, to register for the baptism class.
  • You may also contact Deacon Steve Dupay at 612-219-4484 or by email at [email protected] for more information or if you have any questions/concerns with the requirements listed for baptism.