St. Michael Catholic Church and School

Physical Education: Mr. Bloberger


Mr. Michael Bloberger

Physical Education


Long Term Guest Teacher: 

Mrs. Tracy


Attended Basilica of St. Mary elementary school first through eighth grade,  then attended Minneapolis Central High School. College years were spent at Augsburg College, now University, and graduated 1980.Go Auggies! Graduated with a K-12 Physical Education degree. Went back to Augsburg to add a K-6 Elementary Education degree in 1987. Married with two children, who both attended St. Michael Catholic School. Began teaching at St. Michael Catholic School in 1988. Since being at STMCS, I have taught reading, religion, science, social studies, health, and of course physical education. Coached 7th grade baseball for STMA for over 20 years. I love playing golf, fishing, and hunting. I enjoy being at STMCS because of the community built here, God is present each and every day.


 A reminder that proper footwear is an expectation for physical education class.

Physical education schedule for the year is on a 6 day cycle.

Grade 2 has class on days 2,3,6

Grade 3 has class on days 1,3,6

Grade 4 has class on days 3,4,6

 Grades 5 and 6 have class on days 2 and 5

Grades 7 and 8 have class on days 1 and 4

 Winter conference schedule for Mr. Bloberger will be Tuesday, Feb. 12 from 2:20 until 5:30.  You may schedule a time to meet with me. If that time frame does not work and you need to meet with me please email me and we can arrange a time to meet.

For the remainder of the winter we will be enjoying several different activities. These include things like jump rope, tumbling, stability balls, rhythms, floor hockey and paddle ball.