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New Staffing for Faith Formation, Youth Ministry

We have great news to share regarding Faith Formation and Youth Ministry staffing at St. Michael Catholic Church: former Faith Formation Director Bob Swift is returning to our parish beginning today as Director of Evangelization and Formation and longtime Director of Youth Ministry John O’Sullivan is taking on the additional role of leading our Discipleship Group (D-group) efforts.

Following Swift’s departure from the parish this past fall, Fr. Brian Park and staff met to discuss the future of Faith Formation and the need to evangelize adults and families in our parish.

“The direction St. Michael is headed with evangelization and discipleship answers the call in my own heart,” said Swift. “I did not expect to be returning so soon to St. Michael, but I’m very excited to pursue Fr. Park’s vision for the parish.”

Earlier this month, Ruth Gladitsch resigned her role as director of Youth Evangelization and Discipleship to spend more time with her family. O’Sullivan has agreed to take over the role, and the parish plans to seek a new youth minister in the coming weeks. O'Sullivan will continue to oversee youth ministry broadly.

“Discipleship groups are the heart and soul of youth ministry at St. Michael and St. Albert’s,” O’Sullivan said. “I am committed to keeping our existing groups going through the pandemic and launching 16 new 8th-grade groups in the New Year.”

Please welcome Bob back when you see him and thank John for his commitment to our youth.