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Sancta Familia Offers Support for Families

Longtime parishioners Paul and Meredith Boldischar have more than 18 years experience parenting children and teens with exceptional emotional and behavioral needs, and at times, felt very much alone in their struggles. In early May, they are launching a new prayer and support group for parents facing similar challenges.

Sancta Familia (Holy Family) is a prayer and support ministry that seeks to be a channel of God’s merciful love and abundant resources to parents and caretakers of children with exceptional emotional and behavioral challenges associated with diagnoses including autism, ADHD and mental illnesses, so that they can encounter the hope, healing and peace that comes through surrender and trust in the Lord.

The group will meet second and fourth Mondays of each month beginning May 10, 6:30-8 PM, in the choir room on the lower level of St. Michael Catholic Church. Meetings will center on the needs of the people present, so you are welcome to join the group anytime.

Sancta Familia is:

  • ROOTED: Sancta Familia is rooted in the Gospel, the Good News of God’s love and mercy for his children, and the abundant life, freedom, and peace that comes through trusting and surrendering to it. As we allow ourselves to be loved, supported, and guided by Him, we begin to see past the challenging behaviors, emotions, and struggles and see our children, ourselves, and our families through His eyes. We are dedicated to becoming holy families with our model being the Holy Family of Nazareth and seek their intercession and abundant gifts of grace and protection. We find our strength in the teachings of the Catholic Church but welcome people of all backgrounds and stages of parenthood who desire fellowship, support, resources, and prayer in a safe and confidential environment.
  • INSPIRED: Sancta Familia is a ministry born out of years of persevering through the pain, confusion, loneliness, shame, and seemingly endless efforts to thrive as a family. Inspired by the workings and movements of the Holy Spirit and the graces from the Holy Family, we seek to be a witness to the mercy, love, and sovereignty of  God. It is our heart’s desire to share that there IS reason to hope, there are resources available, healing is possible, and your family can thrive and become holy families living for the Lord.
  • COMPASSIONATE: Sancta Familia is compassionate like Jesus, instruments in God’s hands, humble servants witnessing to God’s mercy and love for his children, our families. Let’s face it, parenting is tough, and parenting children with exceptional emotional and behavioral challenges and needs can seem almost impossible sometimes; it confuses us, frustrates us, leaves us vulnerable to shame, ridicule, loneliness, causes stress on the marriage, and more. The good news is that we do not have to do this parenting thing alone. Sancta Familia provides a non-judgmental, safe, and confidential environment where we can share our struggles, successes, and sometimes unorthodox ways God works in the lives of his children and families. With the help of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Family, we can all become holy families.
  • ENRICHING: Sancta Familia is a prayer and support ministry that does not have a structured curriculum or plan; there will be a general outline for the evening, but each small group session will focus on the needs of the people present. This will be a place to gather for prayer, fellowship, and exchange resources found both within the Church and the community. Any parent or caretaker navigating family life with a child with exceptional challenges is welcome to come anytime; there is no enrollment or expectations. If you are at your wit’s end, you are welcome here. If you need skills, strategies, or resources, you are welcome here. If you are not sure what qualifies as exceptional emotional and behavioral challenges, you are welcome here. Come and receive the love and support that God has waiting for you and your family.

If you aren't sure in Sancta Familia is for you, don't hestitate to reach out. For questions or more information, contact Meredith Boldischar at 763-291-1227 or [email protected].