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St. Michael and St. Albert Parishioners Fund New Vehicle for Fr. Richards

Parishioners from St. Albert and St. Michael pooled their resources to provide outgoing pastor Fr. Peter Richards with a new Jeep Grand Cherokee, in gratitude for 19 years of service to the two communities. 

The vehicle was purchased entirely through small contributions from individual families in both parishes; parishioners shared the idea and gathered donations via  email and word of mouth. The grassroots effort raised more than enough money for the vehicle, and extra funds will be donated to a ministry of Fr. Richards's choice.

The Jeep was presented to Fr. Richards by St. Albert trustees Denise Beaudry and Bill Roden and St. Michael trustees Jane Hackenmueller and Steve Long as Fr. Richards said goodbye to parishioners in the circle drive in front of St. Michael Catholic Church. The presentation was streamed via Facebook Live—if you missed it, check out the video below!