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Parish Update for Monday, May 4, 2020

Our Parish School Needs Your Support!

"Take A Chance" on St. Michael Catholic School (StMCS) by joining our Virtual Bids for Kids event on Saturday, May 16! This is our biggest fundraiser of the year, and we’ve had to move entirely online—but because it’s virtual, everyone can come! The entire parish is invited to help StMCS raise more than $125,000 to support our mission. The event is free, but you still need a virtual ticket and bid number to participate. Register and preview silent auction items here: – or to purchase raffle or game tickets, click the Bids for Kids Raffle Tickets webpage link on our parish homepage,

Help Needed Delivering Meals to Seniors

Senior (60+) Frozen Meal Delivery is a collaborative effort between Wright County Community Action and Catholic Charities to make sure seniors in Wright County have their nutritional needs met. The COVID-19 pandemic has tripled this service to now supply approximately300-500 meals per day because of the closings of community senior meal services. They are looking for volunteers to help with meal delivery during the month of May and likely June as well. The program works like this:

  • Three Trail Blazer Transit vans load up with bags, each filled with 5-10 frozen meals.
  • Each van needs a volunteer to run a bag to the doorstep of approximately 15-16 residences, which takes roughly three hours.   
  • Generally speaking, volunteers meet at 10 AM at the Trail Blazer office (115 Commerce Circle, Buffalo) across Hwy 55 from the Buffalo Hospital. However, it all depends on where and when Trail Blazer is able to pick up these frozen meals, which has been as early as 8:30 AM and as late as 1:00 PM. Sometimes there are no meals available for distribution.
  • Volunteers need to be flexible and will usually be contacted the night before (occasionally notification has been same-day) if the vans will leave at a different time.

Please note that this is not a parish or archdiocesan volunteer opportunity, so parishioners must use their own judgement as to whether it is safe and appropriate for their family. Wright County Human Services has taken on the responsibility of securing volunteers for Senior Frozen Meal Delivery during the pandemic. Please contact Becky Waddell at [email protected] or 763-682-7414 to help.

Upcoming Events
  • Thursday, May 7: National Day of Prayer. Each year, our parish holds a patriotic Rosary at noon for the National Day of Prayer. This year, the Rosary will be led by Fr. Richards; if we are not yet able to gather, it will be livestreamed. There will be no lunch offered this year due to the virus outbreak.
  • Saturday, May 9: Chillin’ With the Priests Virtual Open Forum. Join us for a virtual vocations night for high-school and college-age men and women from 7 to 8 PM. This night will be an Open Forum with Fr. Richards and Fr. Joe. Questions will be taken before the event. Do you have any questions that you would like Fr. Richards to answer before he leaves St. Michael? Do you want to ask for his wisdom about any challenges you have in your life? Have you received any blessings that you’d like to share? Please send any questions or blessings before the Open Forum to Jim Shovelain at [email protected]. Access the forum via Zoom:


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