St. Michael Catholic Church

Financial Support

Our deepest reason for giving is not because our parish has needs, but because we have a spiritual need to give. We are called to give to God from our first fruits and to recognize that everything comes from Him. Our gifts to God should be out of faith and gratitude for what God has done for us.

At St. Michael we seek to honor the scriptural tithe. We invite parishioners to give five percent of their gross income to God through the offertory, two percent to the building debt fund, one percent to the Catholic Services Appeal, and two percent to other charities. Consider increasing your gift by one-percent or two-percent increments until you reach the scriptural tithe and be faithful to your commitment, whatever it may be.

Action Steps to Be Financially Generous
  • Pray about the best use of your financial resources and ask God to show you where you need to give Him priority in them.
  • Evaluate your regular offertory gift and increase it based on what you think God is calling you to give until you reach the full scriptural tithe.
  • Make a commitment to give regularly to God through the parish offertory, and be faithful to your percentage commitment, even when you attend Mass elsewhere.

To start automatic withdrawal for the offertory, building fund, school tuition or other programs, download and complete our Electronic Offering Authorization form.