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LIFT (Learning In Faith Together) is primary faith formation program at St. Michael Catholic Church.  LIFT is a parish-wide, family catechesis model that focuses on assisting and equipping parents to become the primary educators and evangelizers of their children (Catechism of the Catholic Church 2223-2229).

LIFT families attend their regularly scheduled monthly LIFT Session together as a family (on either Sunday, Monday, or Wednesday).  Each LIFT session is a combination of faith formation, small group conversation, faith sharing, prayer, and activity based learning for children.  LIFT is offered each year from October through April and follows the four year cycle of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, with a fifth year focused on Sacred Scripture.  In LIFT we use The Family of Faith activity based curriculum from Sophia Press for grades K thru 5 and the YOUCAT Teen Catechism for grades 6 thru 8.  Adults participants in LIFT are provided with numerous resources, along with dynamic presentations each month to them grow in their own discipleship.  Following monthly participation in LIFT parents are encouraged to continue the conversation of faith at home with their children throughout the month using the assigned activities and materials.

For more information about LIFT please contact our Faith Formation Director Bob Swift at [email protected] or 763-497-2745 ext. 215

2019-2020 Faith Formation Registration and Calendars
2019-2020 Faith Formation Calendars
2019-2020 LIFT Materials

OCTOBER LIFT 2019 (Introduction To Sacraments)

  • October LIFT Home Study Guide
  • October LIFT Online Video Resources

NOVEMBER LIFT 2019 (Baptism)

  • November LIFT Home Study Guide
  • November LIFT Online Video Resources

DECEMBER LIFT 2019 (Confirmation)

  • December LIFT Home Study Guide
  • December LIFT Online Video Resources

JANUARY LIFT 2020 (Mass & the Eucharist)

  • January LIFT Home Study Guide
  • January LIFT Online Video Resources

FEBRUARY LIFT 2020 (Reconciliation)

  • February LIFT Home Study Guide
  • February LIFT Online Video Resources

MARCH LIFT 2020 (Anointing of the Sick)

  • March LIFT Home Study Guide
  • March LIFT Online Video Resources

APRIL LIFT 2020 (Marriage & Holy Orders)

  • April LIFT Home Study Guide
  • April LIFT Online Video Resources
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