St. Michael Catholic Church

Home & School Association

The St. Michael Catholic Home & School Association (H&S) is the parent/teacher organization of StMCS and serves as a working committee of the School Advisory Committee (SAC). H&S has five major objectives as stated in its constitution:

  1. Provide an atmosphere where parents and faculty get to know one another as a Catholic community to foster the importance of a Catholic education.
  2. Provide information about the educational and spiritual programs in the school.
  3. Plan fundraisers to support the school and its programs.
  4. Be supportive of and informed about the work of the School Advisory Committee (SAC).
  5. Be aware of the concerns of members of this association.

H&S Membership

All parents or guardians of St. Michael Catholic School students are members of the Home & School Association. The H&S president, vice president, and secretary are elected positions. The vice president serves as president to fulfill a two-year term. The volunteer coordinator is an appointed position and serves with the H&S officers. The H&S officers, along with the principal, hold many informational meetings and social gatherings throughout the year to assist in achieving H&S and school objectives.

2020-21 Home & School Officers

  • Angela Beaulieu, Chair
  • Missy Parker, Vice Chair
  • Rachele Stifter, Treasurer
  • Arlene Bammert, Director of Community Partnership
  • Kellie Grow, Director of Events
  • Erin Bruflodt, Newsletter
  • Brenda Poff, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Sarah Johnston, Committee Member
  • Stacey Anderson, Committee Member


School fundraisers help sustain our Catholic school. Each year our annual budget includes revenue received through fundraising activities. Money raised over and above the budgeted amount can be used for non-budgeted expenses such as new equipment, technology, or improvements or modifications to enhance the school's climate and environment for our students. The fundraising goals are determined based on prior performance and also set to keep the cost of tuition affordable.

Home & School Association Involvement

The Home & School Association is always looking for parents, grandparents, and community members to become more involved. Please contact a H&S officer if you are interested in volunteering. Our school has been blessed with many volunteers that have stepped up to help over the years, but we need lots of volunteers each year to make our fundraisers and special programs a success.