St. Michael Catholic Church

Kids Club

St. Michael Catholic School's after-school program, Kids Club, our mission is to provide a nurturing and faith based atmosphere. Kids Club students have fun and expand friendships through a variety of creative and physical activities. Offerings include a daily snack, homework/DEAR time, arts/crafts, gymnasium activities, outside play, free play, and more!


School Year 2020-21

Kids Club is so excited to be opening back up as we have missed you this summer! 

If you are still looking for care for the 2020-21 school year, we still have room. Below is our current packet of information along with Kids Club Forms. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Kids Club 2020-21 Welcome Packet

Registration Form

Emergency Form

ACH Form

Acknowledgement of Handbook


No School Days

At this time, Kids Club is still planning on providing care on certain no school days. The rate per student is $35.00/day and we are open from 7:15am - 5:30pm. Please note that if enrollment for non-school days is low - we may not be able to be open.

Kids Club Open                                      Kids Club Closed

October 15th – 16th                            November 26th – 27th

November 3rd                                     December 23rd – Jan 1st

December 4th                                      April 2nd - 5th 

January 18th                                         May 31st

February 12th – 15th

March 12th 

 For more information, review the Kids Club Handbook, and/or contact us! 



Katie Fisher

Kids Club Coordinator

[email protected]


Melissa Schlafke
School Programs Director
[email protected]