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Prince praises St. Newman; others promote him as ‘doctor of the Church’

On the eve of the canonization of St. John Henry Newman, Britain's Prince Charles penned an article about England's newest saint for the Vatican newspaper.

Kindly lights in gloomy world: Pope declares five new saints

Saints are people who recognized their need for God's help, who took risks to discover God's will and to help others and who nurtured a habit of thanksgiving, Pope Francis said.

Judge blocks rule that would have kept some immigrants from legal status

A federal judge Oct. 11 blocked an attempt by the Trump administration to deny legal status to some immigrants who applied for social safety-net programs from the government.

Women religious should have vote at synod, theologian says

While the Catholic Church has made strides to include the voice of women, especially in the Synod of Bishops for the Amazon, women should be included among synod voting members and in Church leadership positions, a German theologian said.

An authentic Democracy

Those of us who have grown up within the womb of a democratic society may not always recognize how radical the idea behind such a society actually is, nor how fragile its structure can be in the face of strident claims regarding individual freedoms. Legalization of abortion, to focus on one of the most strident claims, corrodes the very pillars of our democratic society.

The sin of anti-Semitism resurfaces

The world reacted with horror and outrage earlier this year when a town in Poland marked Good Friday with a ritual beating of a Judas effigy.

The Addams Family — A-II (PG)

Those creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky characters from the imagination of Charles Addams receive the big-screen animated treatment in "The Addams Family."

Banners unfurled as faithful share stories of five saints

The Vatican hung banners of the Catholic Church's newly canonized saints four days before the Mass that officially recognized they are in heaven with God.

Advocates to Trump: Don’t desert Christians, Yazidis, Kurds in Syria

Christians concerned with religious freedom violations resulting from the Turkish military offensive on northeastern Syria are urging U.S. President Donald Trump to "reconsider and reverse" his Oct. 6 decision to move American troops out of the way of a Turkish incursion.

Pope names U.S. archbishop to head Vatican academy for diplomats

Pope Francis named a U.S. archbishop serving as a nuncio to head the Vatican diplomatic academy.