St. Michael Catholic Church

The Art of St. Michael

Located on Frankfort Parkway in St. Michael, Minnesota, the fourth St. Michael Catholic Church was designed and constructed as a prayer for the reunification of the eastern (Orthodox) and western (Catholic) churches worldwide. The art and architecture reflect this marriage of traditions, making our worship space a destination for lovers of sacred art from Russian iconography and stained glass to mosaics and statuary. For more on our beautiful church, check out our three-part video tour, the Art of St. Michael, below. If you have questions, don't hestitate to contact us!

The Art of St. Michael, Part 1: Architecture, Sanctuary and Statues

The first video explores the themes, architecture and design of the building, as well as the furnishings of the sanctuary and statues in the statuary apse.

The Art of St. Michael, Part 2: Iconography

The second video explores the Russian-style iconography that truly sets St. Michael Catholic Church apart in Minnesota and the US.


The Art of St. Michael, Part 3: Mosaics and Stained Glass

The third video explores the beautiful mosaics and stained glass that adorn our worship space, including all 20 mysteries of the the Rosary, saints and angels, the days of Creation, and the Stations of the Cross.