St. Michael Catholic Church

Welcome (formerly CRHP)

Looking for a life-changing experience?

We all have a deep desire to feel like we belong—to feel welcome in our parish. Welcome is one of the only ministries that not only connects with people’s hearts, but also triggers conversion. In many cases, people have their first encounter with God on the Welcome Weekend. This life-changing experience creates an incredible bond and a sense of community between parishioners that continues after their Welcome Weekend as they prepare to lead the next Welcome Weekend.

Is something missing?

Welcome is an experience that helps discover what is missing in your life and what to do about it. Most people want to work this out but have no idea how to do it or even where to start. Welcome puts a framework around the questions and struggles we all have so that every day, in every way, we can become a-better-version-of-ourselves.

The Women's Retreat is May 8-9, 2021, at the St. Albert Parish Center. Open to women from St. Michael and St. Albert. For more information or to register, complete our online form.

The Men's Retreat is May 15-16, 2021, at the St. Albert Parish Center. Open to men from St. Michael and St. Albert. For more information email [email protected]. To register, complete our online form.

How does it work?

  • ATTEND—Parishioners attend a two-day, one-overnight Welcome renewal weekend.
  • SERVE—After attending the weekend, parishioners can serve on the next men’s or women’s Giving Team. Each Giving Team will go through a time of team fellowship, formation, preparation, and catechesis (usually around six to twelve months) as they prepare to put on the next men’s or women’s Welcome Weekend.
  • LEAD—The Giving Team will lead a Welcome Weekend.
  • MINISTER—Following the weekend, each member of the Giving Team will discern how they can best serve their parish (joining parish men’s or women’s groups, becoming a lector or Eucharistic minister, joining the choir, etc.).

Download and print the Welcome FAQ Sheet

Register online for Welcome 2.0

Separate retreat weekends are held for men and women. Both are held at St. Albert Parish Center, open to 25 participants age 18 and up who are parishioners at St. Michael or St. Albert.

Is God calling you?

For more information, please feel free to contact the parish office at 763-497-2745.